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DC government websites and featured organizations have much more to offer than just static information. Residents, visitors, and businesses can use DC.Gov's web services to perform tasks online that formerly required a visit or phone call to a local office. Databases and forms are also listed here. Use the blue tabs below to find all online services, databases, and forms currently available, such as paying parking tickets, requesting city services, and searching DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR). Currently, DC.Gov offers over 150 eServices, with more on the way.

Career Opportunities With DC.Gov
DCHR helps District agencies meet their staffing requirements to ensure the highest level of customer service to our residents. Find out how to get started.
Citywide Calendar
Find events in DC and customize your own calendar.
Contact DC Government
Send an email to let us know what needs improvement or where you think we've done well.
Contact DC Webmaster
Send a comment to the Mayor, make a service request, or contact the webmaster.
DC Attractions
Find an attraction, museum, or exhibit during your visit to DC.

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