The District of Columbia

eServices - Online Services

DC government websites and featured organizations have much more to offer than just static information. Residents, visitors, and businesses can use DC.Gov's online services to perform tasks that formerly required a visit or phone call to a local office. Use the blue tabs below to find all online services currently available, such as renewing a driver's license, making a hotel reservation, and applying for a Basic Business License. Check back often for newly added services.

Activate Your DC One Card
Activate your DC One Card online for use at select participating agencies. Register your SmarTrip enabled DC One Card with WMATA to protect your SmarTrip benefits.
Apply for a DC One Card
Apply online and save time when visiting DC One Card Customer Service Center to complete the enrollment and have your picture taken.
Apply for Unemployment Compensation
The District offers three ways to file for unemployment compensation internet, telephone, and mail.
Basic Business License
Review terms and conditions to see if your business meets the licensing requirements.
Board of Elections and Ethics Provides Election Information
Board of Elections and Ethics provides polling information, sample ballots for District residents

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